90. Whitton Brook – Formerly Birket’s Brook

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ISBN: 978-0-903341-87-5.

This rare union of Twickenham and Isleworth local history will be of interest to those living both sides of the Richmond upon Thames and Hounslow borough divide. It makes for a fascinating story of a modest stream that has served for centuries as the parish and borough boundary, and which survives, in part, despite the indifference of both local authorities and the predations of big business. Its 68 pages are complemented with 50 photos, illustrations and maps in black and white and colour; some never before published. Included is a full-colour pull-out reproduction of Moses Adams’ 1842 survey of Twickenham copyhold Land held in Isleworth parish showing the course of the brook from the site of Whitton Park to Moor Mead with all the modern day landmarks indicated.

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